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Juan Maldonado Joins XPEL!
We are excited to introduce Juan Maldonado as the newest addition to our XPEL sales team, taking on the role of Territory Manager for New England (Northern Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Upstate New York). With an impressive background in sales and a genuine enthusiasm for building strong client relationships, Juan brings a wealth of experience and a warm, approachable demeanor to our team. Beyond his professional achievements, Stay tuned for exciting developments with Juan and the entire XPEL team!
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Understanding UVU/ IR Coating: Important Tips for Car Window Tinting
Toyota and Lexus have made a new feature in their cars called UVU (or IR) coating. This coating aims to enhance water repellency and improve visibility in rainy conditions. While this feature may be appealing to some customers, it's important to understand the potential risks associated with improper window cleaning and tinting, especially when dealing with the UVU/IR coating. In this blog, I will talk give you some tips for installers and customers for a successful window tinting experience.
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The Film Trainer Visits Texas Tint Masters!

The Film Trainer has entered the chat! I had the coolest experience visiting my friends at Texas Tint Masters and doing a ClearPlex™️ demonstration. Let me tell you all about it!

Imagine a windshield tint that goes on the outside of your car. Yeah, you heard me right - on the outside! That's ClearPlex™️ for you. This awesome windshield tint protects your windshield from cracking when annoying rocks get launched from semi-trucks on the freeway and other debris hit it.

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