Understanding UVU/ IR Coating: Important Tips for Car Window Tinting

Understanding UVU/ IR Coating: Important Tips for Car Window Tinting

Toyota and Lexus have made a new feature in their cars called UVU (or IR) coating. This coating aims to enhance water repellency and improve visibility in rainy conditions. While this feature may be appealing to some customers, it's important to understand the potential risks associated with improper window cleaning and tinting, especially when dealing with the UVU/IR coating. In this blog, I will talk give you some tips for installers and customers for a successful window tinting experience.

TOYOTA Document Describing UVU coating

Tip 1: Check for Stamping indicators before starting work on the windows, take a moment to look at the glass for any stampings or indicators that say UVU/IR coating. These stamps are usually provided by the manufacturer and assist as indicators that the glass has the UVU/IR coating.
Tip 2: Proper Window Cleaning When preparing the windows for tinting, it is crucial to use a new, soft microfiber towel. Avoid using the abrasive side of the microfiber towel, or any tools like razor blades, steel wool, or abrasive scrub pads. These will damage the UVU/IR coating, resulting in buying the customer new glass!
Tip 3: Clear Disclosure and Documentation Installers should provide customers with a clear disclosure before tinting the windows. This disclosure should explain that once the windows are tinted, the process is permanent. It's important to tell the customer that any imperfections in the glass or debris in the window tint will also be permanent. To ensure transparency, installers should use CRM tools like Tint Wiz to save signed documents in the customer's profile.
Tip 4: Removal Considerations In the event that the tint needs to be removed, it is likely that the UVU/IR coating will also be removed. As a result, the customer may need to purchase a new window. It's crucial to inform customers about this potential risk before tinting their windows, letting them to make an informed decision.

Owner/Operator Juan Maldonado Gives His Take On UVU Coating

Here is an updated list of cars with UVU/IR coating:

  1. 2023 Toyota Crown
  2. 2023 Subaru Solterra
  3. Toyota Mirai
  4. Toyota Venza
  5. Lexus NX

While UVU/IR coating in cars offers benefits like improved water repellency, it's crucial to understand the precautions with cleaning and tinting these windows. By following the tips mentioned above, installers can minimize the risk of damaging the coating and provide customers with a successful tinting experience. 

Damage from cleaning with a razor blade on the UVU/ IR coating

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