The Film Trainer Visits Texas Tint Masters!

The Film Trainer Visits Texas Tint Masters!

The Film Trainer has entered the chat! I had the coolest experience visiting my friends at Texas Tint Masters and doing a ClearPlex™️ demonstration. Let me tell you all about it!

Imagine a windshield tint that goes on the outside of your car. Yeah, you heard me right - on the outside! That's ClearPlex™️ for you. This awesome windshield tint protects your windshield from cracking when annoying rocks get launched from semi-trucks on the freeway and other debris hit it.

ClearPlex™️ comes in two versions. The first one is 100% clear and street legal. It gives your windshield 99% UV rejection (no heat rejection, though) and is optically clear like glass. It seamlessly integrates with your car's windshield. The second version is the nano ceramic one, which gives you 90% IR rejection. It contains Nano-Ceramic Infrared Radiation inhibitors, which minimizes heat from entering the cabin, keeping you cool and reducing stress on your vehicle's A/C system during hot summer days. ClearPlex NC is 75% VLT (Visible Light Transmission) with excellent optical clarity, but fair warning: it's not street legal, so you might get a police citation if you use it!

During the demonstration, I showed some tips and tricks to Pete Espinosa and Sam Tranquilino, who are very skilled tint installers. They quickly understood how the windshield tint shrinks and were able to do a complete install on their own. Carlos Olazaba, aka The Texas Squeegee, the owner and operator of Texas Tint Masters, had a crazy idea of testing ClearPlex™️ with a slingshot and even a brick!

📚🧠 Pete Espinoza & Sam Tranquilino: The dynamic duo taking learning to new heights!

So, Pete, Sam, and I installed ClearPlex™️ on the company's TTM van, and Carlos tested his luck with the slingshot. He started with smaller rocks and worked his way up to larger ones. The first few smaller rocks didn't do any damage to the windshield, but when Carlos used a larger rock about half the size of an egg, the windshield definitely got damaged.

Sling Shot VS ClearPlex ™️ 

Then, it was time for the brick! Carlos grabbed the brick and launched it at the windshield. Of course, this was overkill since the windshield was already damaged, but the ClearPlex™️ tint still held together! 


I want to give a huge shoutout to Carlos and the rest of the Texas Tint Masters team for being so welcoming and showing interest in adding ClearPlex™️ windshield protection tint to their services. I can't wait to see you all again soon! 

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