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Behind The Tint: Jason Polanco

In the world of window tinting, Jason Polanco's journey began during his childhood. As a young boy, he was captivated by his father's expertise in working on show cars, including low riders, hot rods, and mini trucks. Jason eagerly assisted in disassembling and reassembling these vehicles, relishing the moments spent together and the thrill of attending car shows as a family.

In his role as a trainer, Jason's outgoing and approachable nature proved to be invaluable. He believes in creating a comfortable and engaging learning environment, encouraging trainees to ask questions freely and feel at ease during the training sessions. His ability to connect with both seasoned installers and aspiring enthusiasts allowed him to impart essential skills and elevate their installation abilities, ultimately enabling them to thrive in their craft and generate greater income.

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The Film Trainer Visits Texas Tint Masters!

The Film Trainer has entered the chat! I had the coolest experience visiting my friends at Texas Tint Masters and doing a ClearPlex™️ demonstration. Let me tell you all about it!

Imagine a windshield tint that goes on the outside of your car. Yeah, you heard me right - on the outside! That's ClearPlex™️ for you. This awesome windshield tint protects your windshield from cracking when annoying rocks get launched from semi-trucks on the freeway and other debris hit it.

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Looking Back At Tinter Battles 2023
I want to share with you the super cool Tinter Battles™ 2023 event that took place recently. It was an awesome time for everyone who loves Window Tinting, Paint Protection Film (PPF) and community. People from all around the world came together for three whole days of learning, competitions, and just having a great time!
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Join My Window Tint Training Course Near You
Hi there! I'm The Film Trainer, Marco Cazorla and I'm excited to tell you about my window tint training course near you, as I train in your shop environment. If you're interested in learning this valuable skill and looking for a trade school, my program is the perfect choice. With over 1000 trainees globally, I specialize in helping students with no experience gain the confidence and skills they need to succeed in this rewarding trade.
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