Looking Back At Tinter Battles 2023

Looking Back At Tinter Battles 2023

I want to share with you the super cool Tinter Battles™ 2023 event that took place recently. It was an awesome time for everyone who loves Window Tinting, Paint Protection Film (PPF) and community. People from all around the world came together for three whole days of learning, competitions, and just having a great time!

One of the most exciting parts of the event was the Heat Shrink Battle, sponsored by Madico. Imagine a competition where skilled professionals go head-to-head to see who can heat shrink window film the fastest. Sounds fun, right? Well, it was!

In this ultimate 1-on-1 battle, the competitors used Madico's Ceramic Tint (Black Pearl) and showed off their unique techniques for heat shrinking. There were so many different ways to do it, and it was amazing to see them all in action.

A new attendee, Luis Henriquez, really caught everyone's attention. Before the competition even started, he was already teaching other competitors a super cool technique he called "the super stretch." This method involves stretching the tint to the corner of the glass, which makes it easier and faster to heat shrink because there's less tint to work with.

Even though Luis shared his secret technique with everyone, he still managed to win the Heat Shrink Competition! Congrats to Luis for his amazing skills!

Heat Shrink Battle winner Luis Henriquez W/ the Madico Team

But Tinter Battles™ 2023 wasn't just about the competitions. It was also about building a strong community of people who love helping one another. Everyone shared their installation tactics, sales techniques, and practical advice to help each other grow their businesses. It's important to have events like this because they bring people together and make the entire industry better.

A big shoutout goes to Tint Wiz for hosting such an extraordinary event! Thank you for all that you do for the industry. See you next year!

The Great and Powerful Jordan Jernigan is locked in and totally focused during the tint competition! 💪🔍

Competitor Mark Stevenson is absolutely killing it in the Heat Shrink Battle! 🔥💪

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  • Shady Jay

    Tinter Battles 2023 was my third Tinter Battles. I came with my family which included Jessica (wife), Nyah (daughter), Paxton (son), and Emmy (grandmother). We enjoyed every aspect and had an amazing and memorable time to say the least.

    This article really makes me miss the people, events, and memories made at Amelia Island. Thank you for reminding me of this Marco!

    Stay shady 😎

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