Behind The Tint: Jason Polanco

Behind The Tint: Jason Polanco

In the world of window tinting, Jason Polanco's journey began during his childhood. As a young boy, he was captivated by his father's expertise in working on show cars, including low riders, hot rods, and mini trucks. Jason eagerly assisted in disassembling and reassembling these vehicles, relishing the moments spent together and the thrill of attending car shows as a family.

Jason Polanco's journey into the window tint trade began in 1996 with an unexpected encounter. While standing outside his house, he spotted a gentleman passing by with the sign "TINT-MAN" displayed on his back window. Intrigued by the prospect of learning about window tinting, Jason approached him and received his business card. Over the following two weeks, the kind gentleman generously showed Jason the ropes of the trade, sparking a newfound interest in the craft.


Jason showcasing expert heat shrinking techniques on a rear windshield

But the story doesn't end there. Jason's dedication and passion for cars and the art of window tinting caught the attention of his uncle, who managed a local window tinting company. Recognizing Jason's potential, his uncle extended an invitation to join the team, offering the opportunity to learn and earn quickly. Jason's love for cars, coupled with the rewarding feeling of transforming their appearance while helping customers, fueled his enthusiasm throughout the years.

As a result, Jason's path in the window tinting industry led him to collaborate with numerous skilled window tinters, building lasting connections and honing his craft. The love for his work, combined with the joy of serving customers, has propelled him on a fulfilling journey of growth and discovery within this dynamic industry.

Today, Jason is not only a master trainer in auto tint training but also excels in Paint Protection Film (PPF) training and Flat Glass Training for residential and commercial tinting needs. Jason's outgoing and approachable nature proved to be invaluable. He believes in creating a comfortable and engaging learning environment, encouraging trainees to ask questions freely and feel at ease during the training sessions. His ability to connect with both seasoned installers and aspiring enthusiasts allowed him to impart essential skills and elevate their installation abilities, ultimately enabling them to thrive in their craft and generate greater income.

Working at XPEL was a transformative experience for Jason. The sense of camaraderie and mutual respect among colleagues made it feel like a close-knit family, unlike any other company he had encountered. Jason firmly believed that XPEL's positive culture would propel the brand to remain at the forefront of the window tinting industry for years to come.

Beyond the realm of window tinting, being a trainer for XPEL presented Jason with unique opportunities to explore the world. His travels to various countries exposed him to diverse cultures, providing a humbling and enriching perspective on life.

Jason Polanco's incredible journey in the world of window tinting stands as a shining example of passion and dedication. From his childhood admiration for his father's work to becoming an influential trainer at XPEL, Jason's love for cars and unwavering commitment to his craft continue to inspire and uplift others in the industry. Moreover, thanks to the window tinting industry, he has had the amazing opportunity to travel across the world, sharing his expertise and training new installers in countries like Mexico and the Netherlands. For anyone aspiring to learn the art of window tinting, Jason's story serves as a beacon of encouragement and proof that with passion and dedication, one can achieve great heights in the window tinting world!

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  • Joe Broyles

    Jason has always been an amazing individual! To see where he’s going is truly an honor. Nothing but pure love and respect for my brotha!

  • Ray Jolivette

    Jason, I’m so proud of you my brother. Congrats on all your accolades. Wishing you continued success in all of your endeavors.

  • Ray Jolivette

    Jason, I’m so proud of you my brother. Congrats on all your accolades. Wishing you continued success in all of your endeavors.

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