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Behind The Tint: Tom Kovach

The Art of Tint in New York and XPEL: An Interview with Shop Owner Tom Kovach

Every successful business has a unique story behind it. Today, we dive into the world of window tinting in the heart of New York and get to know more about the renowned brand, XPEL. Sitting with us is Tom Kovach, the owner of "The Art of Tint", a popular window tinting shop with an inspiring journey.

Tom, can you tell us about the story behind your business? How did it come into existence?

"Oh, it’s quite a tale. At 16, right after getting my driver's license, I was all about getting those dark tints. After my third disappointing experience with a local shop, I took matters into my own hands. I got a roll of window tint, taught myself, and started with my own car. Soon, I was tinting for my family and friends. By the time I was working at my parents’ printing shop, fate took another turn. A customer there, who owned a car customizing company, became my ticket into the professional world of tinting.

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The Rise of Tritek Window Tinting: David Chukman's Journey

David finally seized the opportunity to establish his own company. With limited business knowledge and only a few thousand dollars in savings, he signed a lease at the age of 20, making his dream of business ownership a reality. Despite skepticism from his family and friends, who doubted his sales skills and work ethic, David was determined to prove them wrong. He worked tirelessly, even living in his store at times to ensure bills were paid and success was achieved.

Skipping over the numerous challenges faced along the way, we arrive at 2023, where David now leads an incredible team at Tritek Window Tinting. Their dedication and hard work have earned them the prestigious XPEL Ambassador Award. In recent years, Tritek has outperformed other XPEL dealers in Texas, solidifying their position as a top seller. Their success has paved the way for the opening of the largest privately-owned window tinting store in Dallas, marking a significant milestone for David and his team.

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Kaloko Tinting: A Triumph of Resilience and Determination in Window Tinting and XPEL Products
The journey of Kaloko Tinting, helmed by Cheyanne, William, and Julia, underlines the transformative power of optimism, determination, and kindness. With the support of XPEL, they've built a family-owned business in the window tinting and car accessories market that stands as a beacon of quality. Their story underscores the importance of nurturing strong relationships, both with partners and clients, in creating a service that stands out.
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The Inspiring Journey of Paragon Window Tinting: Transforming Homes and Businesses with XPEL

In this blog I am going to talk about the story of Paragon Window Tinting, a leading provider of home and commercial window tinting services in San Antonio, Texas. And how owner Eric Rabenschlag's passion for window tinting led to the birth of Paragon and their successful partnership with XPEL.

Paragon Window Tinting is a company that specializes in window tinting for homes and businesses. Led by Eric Rabenschlag, a dedicated entrepreneur with a love for window tinting, Paragon has become a trusted name in the San Antonio and Austin Texas Market. In this blog, I'll tell the story behind the business, Eric's journey, and the significant impact of the XPEL brand on Paragon Window Tinting.

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