The Inspiring Journey of Paragon Window Tinting: Transforming Homes and Businesses with XPEL

The Inspiring Journey of Paragon Window Tinting: Transforming Homes and Businesses with XPEL

In this blog I am going to talk about the story of Paragon Window Tinting, a leading provider of home and commercial window tinting services in San Antonio, Texas. And how owner Eric Rabenschlag's passion for window tinting led to the birth of Paragon and their successful partnership with XPEL.

Paragon Window Tinting is a company that specializes in window tinting for homes and businesses. Led by Eric Rabenschlag, a dedicated entrepreneur with a love for window tinting, Paragon has become a trusted name in the San Antonio and Austin Texas Market. In this blog, I'll tell the story behind the business, Eric's journey, and the significant impact of the XPEL brand on Paragon Window Tinting.

The Beginning of Paragon Window Tinting: Eric Rabenschlag's interest in window tinting started early on, driven by his fascination with how tinted windows could enhance the look of cars. As a "car guy," Eric always made sure to have his own cars tinted, as he found it made them look even cooler. One day, while watching a professional tint his car, Eric realized he could do it himself.

After spending years working long hours in the restaurant industry, Eric decided it was time for a change. He wanted more time with his family and sought a new career path. He reached out to a friend who introduced him to a former high school buddy skilled in window tinting. In October 2017, Eric joined his friend on a job tinting windows for businesses, and that experience ignited his passion for flat glass window tinting.

Inspired by his newfound love for window tinting, Eric took a leap of faith and established Paragon Window Tinting LLC in March 2019. However, it took another five months before he became an independent dealer for XPEL, a leading brand in the industry. This partnership with XPEL played a crucial role in shaping the future of Paragon.

Success as a business owner requires various qualities and skills. Eric Rabenschlag believes that keeping a business relatively small is key to maintaining a personal touch and providing excellent customer service. He also values honesty and modesty, as he believes true happiness doesn't solely come from making lots of money. Recognizing and appreciating exceptional employees is another important aspect of running a successful business, as their loyalty and dedication contribute to its growth and prosperity.

Paragon Window Tinting's partnership with the industry leader XPEL brand has had a significant impact on its success. Eric previously worked directly for XPEL, which provided him with valuable knowledge and allowed him to build strong relationships within the company. Since both Paragon and XPEL are based in San Antonio, they benefit from quick access to film orders and efficient job scheduling.

What sets XPEL apart is its focus on window and protective films. This specialization perfectly aligns with Paragon's vision. Eric appreciates that XPEL shares his drive for progress and growth in the industry. Paragon Window Tinting is confident in the support they receive from XPEL, both in terms of superior products and the exceptional individuals representing the brand.

Eric Rabenschlag, owner of Paragon Window Tinting, expertly installs heat-rejecting window tint on a commercial project, ensuring maximum comfort and energy efficiency w/ XPEL Clear View Plus

The story of Paragon Window Tinting is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and strategic partnerships. Eric Rabenschlag's unwavering love for window tinting led to the establishment of Paragon, a company that excels in providing exceptional residential and commercial window tinting services. Their successful collaboration with the renowned XPEL brand ensures that Paragon continues to thrive and deliver

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