Kaloko Tinting: A Triumph of Resilience and Determination in Window Tinting and XPEL Products

Kaloko Tinting: A Triumph of Resilience and Determination in Window Tinting and XPEL Products

In this blog post, I am going to talk into the inspiring journey of Kaloko Tinting, a premier provider of automotive, residential, and commercial window tinting services in Kona, Hawaii. We'll cover how the founders passion for window tinting propelled the start of this successful business and fostered a fruitful partnership with industry-leading brand, XPEL. 

Once in a while, a story of entrepreneurship resonates with a unique blend of passion and resilience - the inception of Kaloko Tinting, located in Kona, Hawaii, is one such narrative. Initially envisioned as an extension of an existing workplace, this company swiftly transformed into an independent, family-owned venture, thanks to the grit and determination of owner Cheyanne Kahele, her husband William Kahele, and her sister Julia Collins.

When the trio found themselves suddenly out of work from their former roles during the holiday season, the location for their new venture was yet to be completed. Undaunted by the rocky start, they dove into the new venture, forging ahead with their services despite the shop's incomplete status.

William Kahele skillfully installs XPEL VISION Clear View Plus for unmatched heat rejection.

As they laid the groundwork for the new business, they started by operating a mobile service, with their supplies stored away in a rented storage unit. Simultaneously, they were engaged in the arduous task of constructing their physical shop, covering all aspects from floor to ceiling.

A significant turning point arrived during the construction phase - they secured a lease for an additional bay next to their primary location. This strategic move, which effectively doubled their workspace, allowed them to introduce Paint Protection Film (PPF) into their services. Although it increased their initial investment, it paved the way for a more diversified and comprehensive range of services.

After two challenging but rewarding years, their vision transformed into reality. Kaloko Tinting became a fully operational window tinting shop, providing an array of services that includes auto, home, and office tinting, PPF, and car accessories.

Throughout their entrepreneurial journey, Cheyanne, William, and Julia found that the success of their business was not just rooted in practical strategies but also in personal values. They discovered that optimism and kindness were instrumental in their growth, providing them with the resilience to face obstacles and fostering an environment of trust with their clients.

The story of Kaloko Tinting's success wouldn't be complete without acknowledging their strategic partnership with XPEL. Initially operating as 3M dealers, they transitioned to XPEL, finding in them a partner that provided superior customer service and consistently high-quality products.

Being a part of the XPEL family meant benefiting from a supportive network of other dealers. This collective platform for mutual learning and networking has been instrumental in improving their service delivery. The all-in-one product accessibility from XPEL streamlines their ordering process, enabling them to cater efficiently to their clients' needs.

The journey of Kaloko Tinting, spearheaded by Cheyanne, William, and Julia, underlines the transformative power of optimism, determination, and kindness. With the support of XPEL, they've built a family-owned business in the window tinting and car accessories market that stands as a beacon of quality. Their story underscores the importance of nurturing strong relationships, both with partners and clients, in creating a service that stands out.

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  • Mary Murphy

    Amazing team 👏

  • Jeremiah

    This family has risen to whole new levels not just in business. But who they have coming in the years we have known them. The quality and integrity. Is what sets them apart from other tinting companies. Because you’re just not client, they treat you like family.

  • Teri Silva

    Continued success to Cheyanne, William and Julia! Your hard work, perseverance and resilience have definitely served you well! Wishing you all the very best in the years ahead!!!

  • CK

    Excellent story! Thank you for taking some time to share their story and their journey to where they are today. They have some great reviews on google maps!

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