Behind The Tint: Tom Kovach

Behind The Tint: Tom Kovach

Every successful business has a unique story behind it. Today, we dive into the world of window tinting in the heart of New York and get to know more about the the great and powerful Tom Kovach, the owner of The Art of Tint in Brooklyn, New York.

Tom, can you tell us about the story behind your business? How did it come into existence?

"Oh, it’s quite a tale. At 16, right after getting my driver's license, I was all about getting those dark tints. After my third disappointing experience with a local shop, I took matters into my own hands. I got a roll of window tint, taught myself, and started with my own car. Soon, I was tinting for my family and friends. By the time I was working at my parents’ printing shop, fate took another turn. A customer there, who owned a car customizing company, became my ticket into the professional world of tinting.

I spent a decade tinting cars there but felt the city's pull. So, in 2002, I moved to New York City and started 'The Art of Tint'. And here we are, 21 years later, not just tinting cars but buildings and homes too."

It sounds like quite the journey! In your opinion, what qualities and skills are needed for a successful business owner?

"It’s a mix, really. Hard work, patience, and passion top the list. Without genuine love for what you do, it's tough to thrive. Owning a business is full of sacrifices and risks, so being patient and motivated is key. Once you kick off, it's crucial to know your worth, use top-notch materials, and surround yourself with a dedicated team. I believe in always learning, networking, and giving my best. And trust, of course, in oneself and the team."

At The Art Of Tint, they ensure customers' comfort in their welcoming waiting area while certified installers from XPEL work on the cars with premium care

So, how does the XPEL brand fit into your business story?

"XPEL has been transformative. We previously used another major brand, but the demand for XPEL was undeniable. I mean, we were getting calls daily! Switching to XPEL was an obvious choice, and our business grew by 20% in just the first year with them.

Being part of the XPEL family is an honor. We’ve met incredible people and learned so much. The film itself is fantastic – our installers swear by its heat rejection capabilities and ease of installation. Honestly, I don't even have to pitch the product to customers – it speaks for itself. We're with XPEL for the long haul."

Tom’s story is a testament to following one’s passion and understanding the market's demands. 'The Art of Tint' stands tall in New York, reflecting a blend of hard work, quality products like XPEL, and Tom's unwavering dedication. If you're ever in the city and need tinting done, you know where to head.

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  • Rony

    Take all my rides to him. Quality and and personality is best in NYC.

  • Chris Maliarakis

    I’ve Known Tommy Back 20 years ago When He Tinted Cars For Our High-line Manhattan Auto dealership….he’s Truly Passionate And An Honest man that is great at his craft

  • Alan

    Tom is the best Tint guy in the business .

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