Max Shumeyko: Empowering Car Enthusiasts with XPEL Paint Protection Film

Max Shumeyko: Empowering Car Enthusiasts with XPEL Paint Protection Film

In the world of car enthusiasts, Max Shumeyko stands out as a passionate owner who turned his love for cars into a thriving business. Detail Driven, the brainchild of Max, was established in 2015 when he was working full-time at a warehouse. In 2018, he took a leap of faith and left his job to fully dedicate himself to his automotive dreams. Starting from his humble garage and then moving to a small rented shop, Max's determination and hard work paid off in 2020 when he and his wife decided to rent a spacious 3000 square-foot facility.

Max applies XPEL Ultimate Plus for unbeatable protection

While the year 2020 brought unprecedented challenges due to the global pandemic, Detail Driven emerged as a shining star in the automotive industry. A significant part of their success can be attributed to their association with XPEL, a leader in the paint protection film industry. With XPEL's cutting-edge technology and Detail Driven's expertise, car owners can now unlock the full potential of their vehicles' beauty.

Detail Driven's success story goes beyond the physical realm. Their Instagram account has played a pivotal role in their growth, acting as a digital gateway to their world of automotive excellence. One particular video posted by Detail Driven has garnered an astounding 50 million views, and when you combine that with the top three videos, the total view count reaches a staggering 119 million. These videos, which have been shared over 22 thousand times, have not only captivated the audience but also helped to drive website traffic, generate inquiries, and boost sales.

Max Shumeyko's unique blend of car passion and digital marketing has undeniably positioned Detail Driven as a recognized name in the car detailing industry. Whether it's a classic beauty or a modern marvel, Detail Driven has the expertise and tools to protect your vehicle's paint and preserve its pristine appearance.

Paint protection film (PPF) is the secret ingredient that adds an invisible shield of protection to your car's exterior. XPEL, the industry leader in PPF technology, offers state-of-the-art products that are meticulously designed to provide unrivaled protection against road debris, scratches, and stains. This high-performance film acts as a barrier between your car's paint and the outside world, ensuring that your investment remains flawless for years to come.

XPEL's paint protection film is not just any ordinary protective layer; it's a testament to innovation and cutting-edge technology. Its self-healing properties allow minor scratches and swirl marks to vanish with a burst of heat or sunlight. This means that your car will always look its best, no matter what challenges it faces on the road. XPEL's film is also resistant to yellowing and discoloration, ensuring that your car's paint retains its vibrant shine over time.

When it comes to installation, Detail Driven's team of skilled technicians undergoes rigorous training to deliver flawless results. Their attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship ensures that the paint protection film is seamlessly applied, leaving no trace of its presence. The film conforms to the curves and contours of your car, making it virtually undetectable. Whether you have a sports car, luxury sedan, or SUV, Detail Driven has the expertise to provide a custom-fit solution that meets your specific needs.

Choosing Detail Driven and XPEL for your paint protection needs not only guarantees exceptional results but also provides peace of mind. With XPEL's industry-leading warranty, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is protected against defects, yellowing, and bubbling. Moreover, Detail Driven's commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that you receive top-notch service from start to finish.

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    Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us.

  • Hayden

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us.

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