Behind the Tint: Inside the Success Of California Tint

Behind the Tint: Inside the Success Of California Tint

This week, I am highlighting the great and powerful team of California Tint in Everett, Washington. I am talking with James Park and his business partner, Ryan Yano. This dynamic duo has achieved remarkable success, building an outstanding team and earning the title of XPEL Dealer of the Year for three consecutive years. This award is reserved for exclusive XPEL dealers who exclusively carry our products for Tint, Paint Protection Film, Home Tint, and Ceramic Coatings, and who boast the highest sales in the state of Washington!

Marco Cazorla: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today. Let's dive right in. James, how did California Tint come into existence?

James Park: It started when I was just 17, tinting windows. After a decade of working for others, I wanted more. So, in 2012, I relocated to Washington to start my own business. The journey wasn't easy. It took sheer determination, moving places, growing the team, and several years of hard work.

In 2019, we shook hands with XPEL and things took off. I recall Tad Ogland, our sales rep, making a surprise visit, offering invaluable advice. It wasn't long before we revamped our shop and began an exciting journey with XPEL. Now, we have two thriving locations and a combined staff of 14!

Ryan Yago: I first met James in 2012 when I was an engineering student wanting to tint my Supra. Fast forward a few years, and I was installing films alongside him. The art of this work, the precision, and the customer satisfaction hooked me in. After getting certified from XPEL in 2019, James and I ventured into opening our second location.

Marco Cazorla: What qualities and skills, in your opinion, are needed for a successful business owner?

Ryan: Patience, open-mindedness, and aspiration top the list. The devil's in the details, and in our business, it's the details that make the difference. Mishaps can happen, but tackling them with patience and open-mindedness is the key. Also, staying humble is vital. We all start somewhere, face our challenges, and grow. It's essential to acknowledge and respect each other's journey.


This Lamborghini is now protected by XPEL Ultimate Fusion, courtesy of the team at California Tint

Marco Cazorla: How has the XPEL brand influenced your business?

Ryan: XPEL has been a game-changer. Everything from their operational methods, software, and support has streamlined our business. I've gained so much just by interacting with their team, attending the XPEL Dealer Conference, and networking with other dealers.

James: In 2020, Tad from XPEL invited me to the XDC (XPEL dealer conference). Even though I was facing personal challenges, the experience was transformative. Upon returning, I collaborated closely with J Harvell, our new XPEL sales rep, who’s been exceptionally supportive. Thanks to the collective efforts of our team and the insights from XPEL, we have made strides, especially during the pandemic. Today, our goal is clear - to be the #1 dealer in Washington state.

From left to right: Ryan Yago, J Harvell, and James Park

The story of California Tint is more than just about business growth. It's about dreams, aspirations, hard work, and the relationships formed along the way. As the shop continues to tint and protect vehicles, it's the human touch, the art of their craft, and their collaborative spirit that drives them forward.

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