Behind The Tint: Alex Valencia

Behind The Tint: Alex Valencia

Welcome back to behind the tint. Today, I have the honor to talk about the great and powerful Alex Valencia! A seasoned trainer from XPEL, who has dedicated 17 years to mastering and teaching the craft of PPF. Lets get into Alex's journey, the values that drive him, and his insights into making it in the Paint Protection Film industry.

Marco Cazorla: Alex, it's great to have you here. Our community is curious about how industry experts like you started. Can you tell us how you got into the film industry?

Alex Valencia: Absolutely, Marco. It was a childhood friend who introduced me to this path. He believed that I'd be a good fit for the job, and he was right! It's been an incredible journey with XPEL, becoming part of the world of paint protection film.

Alex Valencia guides the install process on the front bumper

Marco Cazorla: That's awesome my friend! Shifting a bit, could you share what values hold the most important in your life and work?

Alex Valencia: For sure, Marco. Honesty and integrity top the list. They're crucial in everything I do. In this trade, we're also building something monumental, much like nurturing a family business. I see my role as fostering both professional and personal growth in every installer I train.

Alex showing how to back roll the PPF

Marco Cazorla: Speaking of growth, there must have been setbacks too. How has failure shaped your journey?

Alex Valencia: Oh, immensely. Failure is the foundation that's allowed me to gain all the skills and knowledge I have today. Whether in my personal life or at XPEL, setbacks are ultimately lessons. They might push you back initially, but the learning you get moves you several steps forward.

Marco Cazorla: Insightful perspective! What qualities should a trainer have to excel?

Alex Valencia: Great question. The key is the willingness to teach and, importantly, to learn. Each trainee is unique, and recognizing how to assist each one individually is challenging but rewarding. It's about tuning in, reading the room, and adapting your approach.

Marco Cazorla: Thats right, adaptability is crucial. Now, are there any misconceptions about learning PPF that you've encountered?

Alex Valencia: Well, one thing I'd emphasize is that PPF is for everyone. It doesn't discriminate based on age, gender, race, religion, or socio-economic background. Success in laying paint protection film comes down to dedication, patience, and the relentless pursuit of improvement.

The master in his element!

Marco Cazorla: That's truly encouraging and inclusive. Lastly, after 17 years, what does the XPEL brand mean to you?

Alex Valencia: One word, Marco—Family. That's what XPEL is to me. It's a community where we grow, learn, and support each other, very much like a family does.

Alex Valencia's journey shows us the lesson of perseverance. Learning the trade of paint protection film, being successful at training the next generation of installers, and becoming part of the XPEL family requires dedication and an open heart and mind. Whether you are thinking about getting into the film industry or any other field, these insights remind us that success is built on integrity, adaptability, and continuous learning. Thanks for reading!

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