Why Cool Work Environments Matter in the Window Tinting & PPF Industry

Why Cool Work Environments Matter in the Window Tinting & PPF Industry

I recently read a post in the Facebook group "Window Tint Stuff" that caught my attention. An installer shared their thoughts about shop owners taking care of employees by investing in air conditioning. This post generated 94 comments and 46 reactions. It got me thinking about my own experiences and the importance of having a comfortable working environment.

Poll Results

 Back when I started window tinting in 2002, I worked for a company called Steve's Window Tinting in Southern California. Our shop had no air conditioning, just fans, which was very common in the industry almost years 20 years ago. Trust me, it was brutal during the summer.😅

Steve Rodriguez Owner Of Steves Glass Tinting Upland, California

 In addition to air conditioning, I also believe it's essential to attach an air purifier (Media Air Purifier) to the AC unit. These devices, also known as mechanical air cleaners, use thicker and denser filters that can trap smaller particles compared to standard furnace or air handler filters. This will make the air cleaner and minimize dust in the air that is bad for Tint & PPF installations. 

This post motivated me to create a poll to see how important air conditioning really is to our community. I asked, "As an installer, does having an air-conditioned work environment make you a happier and more productive installer?" The results were quite telling: 83% said yes, while only 17% said no. To me, this shows that air conditioning is crucial to a shop's success and installer moral. 

Summer is just around the corner, and many shop owners might think of air conditioning as a major expense or a luxury they can do without. However, heat exhaustion is a real concern, and working in a hot environment can be harmful. According to Mayo Clinic, heat exhaustion happens when your body overheats, causing symptoms like heavy sweating and a rapid pulse.

Several shop owners in the poll's comments shared their experiences after installing air conditioning. Julian Guzman said, "I finally added a mini-split unit to the shop two years ago, and man, it's so pleasant to work in a cool environment." Sean Gill added, "I worked in my current shop for 5 years without AC. It sucked during the summer heat. When I looked at the numbers, I would go from 8-10 cars per day when it was 80 degrees or below down to 6-8 cars when it was above 90 degrees outside. I finally bit the bullet last year and spent the $20k on AC. My productivity during hot days now mirrors the 'cool' days. Looking back, I should've just spent the money right away."

It's important to remember that while air conditioning can make you more comfortable, staying productive is still a priority. We must keep our no-quit mentality and continue to hustle to keep the business going.

Based on my years in the industry, I believe that a cooler work environment leads to happier employees who are more productive and deliver better results for customers. This can lead to more referrals and positive reviews about your business.

My message to shop owners is simple: invest in your team and business, and you will reap the rewards. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic, whether you agree or disagree, leave your comments below. Stay cool, everyone! 😎

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