From Humble Beginnings to Success: The Journey of The Tint Co.

From Humble Beginnings to Success: The Journey of The Tint Co.

In the heart of Richmond, California, in the challenging times of 2020, a remarkable story unfolded. Dario Robles, a car enthusiast and an ambitious entrepreneur, decided to kickstart his dream business, The Tint Co., even as he was preparing to welcome his first child and support his fiancé's law school journey.

From its early days in a compact 600-square-foot space, The Tint Co. was forced to shift gears due to a demanding landlord. Dario turned this challenge into an opportunity, leading the team to a larger, 2,500-square-foot location in Richmond. This new space turned out to be just the right pitstop for The Tint Co.'s growth.

Committed to fostering a healthy and positive work environment, Dario put his employees first. From hosting lively gatherings to investing in their professional skills, he created a work culture that emphasizes balance and growth. The unity within The Tint Co. family in Richmond is as tangible as the logo tattooed on Dario's hand—a symbol of dedication and constant reminder of the company's unwavering hustle.

The Tint Co logo as daily reminder of shared commitment and relentless drive

An essential part of The Tint Co.'s journey is its partnership with XPEL, a renowned name in the automotive industry known for its top-tier products. This collaboration has enabled The Tint Co. to provide the highest quality services to car owners in Richmond, California, bolstering its standing in the local market. XPEL's ongoing support and readiness to provide training to Dario's team have been crucial to The Tint Co.'s success.

With XPEL by their side, Dario and The Tint Co. are revving up for an exciting future. They're fully equipped and ready to meet their ambitious goals, eager to continue their adventure in Richmond, California.

 The Tint Co. and team installing XPEL White Frost on this Target project

Dario's story, The Tint Co.'s journey, and their partnership with XPEL demonstrate that even when the road gets bumpy, with creativity, dedication, and the right alliances, you can steer towards remarkable success. This is the spirit driving The Tint Co. in Richmond, as they continue to leave their mark in the automotive industry.

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