The Film Trainer Visits High End Detail

The Film Trainer Visits High End Detail

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Josue Recinos at owner of High End Detail. A detailing and tinting shop located in Kendall, Florida. I had trained Josue and his daughter Brianna last year with some advanced tint training, and I was excited to see how they were doing and catch up on their progress.

One thing that immediately struck me during my visit was the beautiful relationship between Josue and Brianna. As a father myself, I am always moved to see a strong father and daughter bond, and that is exactly what I saw in Josue and Brianna. Brianna is still in high school, but she works hard to finish her school work, and during her free time and summer break, she works side by side with her father at the shop.

Josue is creating a great environment for his daughter to learn a trade that is difficult yet rewarding. Brianna sees her father's hard work and dedication to growing the business, and I can see her taking over the business one day. It's heartwarming to see this kind of dedication to family and work.

During my visit, I was there to show them ClearPlex Nano Ceramic, an exterior windshield tint that protects against rocks on the road and gives heat rejection. We started off doing ClearPlex on one of the hardest windshields to do, which is the Tesla Model Y. We successfully did the training, and now this shop is ready to assist customers with the solution of windshield protection tint.



I would also like to highlight Josue's success over the past two years. I have personally seen his engaging content on YouTube and Instagram. Josue has been working hard to offer high-quality products to the end consumer and creating a world-class experience with his customers by taking the time to listen to their needs and presenting a solution.

Because of all his success, Josue has recently closed on a new facility that will allow him to expand his team and have more room to work with. I would like to congratulate Josue and Brianna on all their success and wish them continued success in the future


My visit to High End Detailing was not only productive but also inspiring. I was reminded of the importance of family and hard work, and I left feeling grateful for the opportunity to meet and work with such great people. I can't wait to visit again soon.


  • brianna

    thank you so much for the kind words it’s always a pleasure seeing you :)

  • Tom Turner

    Wow! That’s a great story! It’s good to see a great family working together. Keep up the awesome work! This industry needs more bad ass trainers like yourself as well as great installation shops kicking ass!

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