David Cen Exemplifies The No Quit Mentality!

David Cen Exemplifies The No Quit Mentality!

It was an honor to meet David Cen at Tinter Battles 2023. Prior to our meeting, I was already familiar with his work from social media, particularly his TikTok videos that showcase his unique theme of ASMR installations. In fact, his top video has over 3 million views and over 1400 shares, a testament to his talent and skill in the window tinting industry and social media. 

Marco Cazorla & David Cen At Tinter Battles 2023!
Marco Cazorla & David Cen At Tinter Battles 2023!


David's business, Exclusive Window Tinting NYC, is a family-run business that started in a small home garage and later upgraded to a tint shop. With the help of his brother Jun and valuable informational resources from Elliot Baker, the creator of Tint School Online, David's business has been successful and constantly improving.

During my visit to David's shop, I was able to train him on ClearPlex windshield protection tint. David was already a customer, and he was patiently waiting for my visit to do his first windshield. Our training was a success, and we were able to create great content that generated over 100k views. The engagement from the end consumer was a big win for the Madico/ClearPlex brand.


Video Of ClearPlex Installation W/ David Cen 


David's journey in the window tinting industry is truly inspiring. He overcame many obstacles and challenges, including leaving Lara -Venezuela, learning a new language, and gaining as much knowledge as he could from successful entrepreneurs and business owners around him. I call this the "immigrant mentality" - working extremely hard as if you have nothing to lose, like a hunter not going back home to feed the family until you have a kill! I am proud of anyone who has come before us with this mentality, paving the way and setting the template for future generations to come!

David's passion for cars and DIY mindset pushed him towards the path of the window tinting industry. He learned how to tint by watching YouTube tutorials and practicing with his own vehicle and those of his friends and family. During the pandemic, he had the opportunity to work with an extremely skillful and experienced window tinter Frank Ceballos. He later used these new skills and knowledge to start his entrepreneurship journey.

David's goal is to continue to learn, grow, and expand his business. He also hopes to offer training at some point in his career to help the next generation of installers. I am proud of all of David's success and can't wait to see what he accomplishes in the future. Thank you for having me, David. Looking forward to seeing you again.



  • Elliot

    Great article Marko!. I appreciate how you’re always pushing the boundaries and showcasing your passion for the trade. We’re lucky to have someone like you in the industry. Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Exclusive Window Tinting NYC

    Thank you for your kind words Marco! It was an honor having you in our shop and we truly appreciate all the knowledge, kindness and continuous support that you provide 🙏💯💯💯

    You’re the best!!!!

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